Lawn Mowing

Premium Grass Cutting Service in White Bear Lake

At Ground FX, we understand the value of maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. That's why we've tailored our services to ensure your lawn stays green, groomed, and gorgeous throughout the year, with specific attention to the details that matter most.

  • Quality subscription lawn mowing services
  • Local lawn mowing company with 10+ years of experience
  • Full-service residential lawn care & maintenance

Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

Our weekly mowing service is the backbone of a well-kept lawn, designed to keep your turf in top condition. Get our mowing subscription or include it as part of your lawn maintenance package, and we’ll schedule a regular time to mow your lawn each week.

Spend more time enjoying your yard, not mowing it. See why our repeat customers throughout the East Metro area love their lawns even more in our reviews, and sign up today!

Lawn Cutting Service That Focuses on Details

Our experts care about the health of your lawn. From maintaining the exact height for healthy turf to knowing when to cut back on mowing to save your grass from drought conditions, our team pays attention to the small stuff, so you can maintain a beautiful yard.

Here's what you can expect with our comprehensive mowing package.

Precision Mowing & Striping
  • Sharpened blades daily: We sharpen our mowing blades every day to guarantee a clean, precise cut every time, promoting healthier growth and a more aesthetically pleasing lawn.
  • Professional striping: Our expert mowing techniques include striping your lawn, leaving it with that classic, manicured, ballpark-style appearance that is sure to turn heads.
Detailed Trimming & Edging
  • String trimming: We meticulously trim around all obstacles, including trees, landscape edging, signs, sidewalks, and curbs, ensuring no grass is left untended.
  • Stick edging: Monthly edging of driveways, sidewalks, and curbs is performed to define the boundaries sharply and maintain a neat, orderly appearance.
Cleanup Services
  • Blowing off grass clippings: After mowing, we clear all hard surfaces and landscaping of grass clippings to maintain a clean and inviting outdoor space.
  • Bagging in fall: During the last two mowings of the fall season, we bag your turf clippings. This is crucial for removing excess debris and leaves, giving your yard a clean, uncluttered appearance before our final fall cleanup.

Your Hometown Lawn Mowing Company

Nestled in White Bear Lake, our team of lawn care professionals has redefined excellence in yard upkeep and client satisfaction for more than a decade, firmly believing in the value of treating both you and your lawn with utmost respect while crafting the perfect outdoor area for your family.

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