Smart Control Sprinkler System Installation

Find comprehensive irrigation solutions that make keeping your lawn greener for longer easy! Our Ground FX irrigation technicians are skilled in the latest systems and technology, collaborating with leading manufacturers to ensure high-quality service.

  • Tailored, home-automated irrigation system installation
  • ASSE-certified backflow prevention testing
  • Irrigation package with start-up, inspections, & winterization

Professional Irrigation Installation in White Bear Lake

Our full-service solutions meet all your irrigation maintenance needs, as our repeat clients can attest. Our services begin with a personal consultation from our certified irrigation designer, who will assess your property to provide a tailored irrigation plan.

This includes taking pressure and flow readings, property measurements, and developing a design that suits your specific needs. Upon approval, we'll present a formal cost proposal and proceed with the installation at your earliest convenience.

Smart & Efficient Irrigation

We pride ourselves on offering the latest smart irrigation practices that enable you to monitor your water efficiency and control your irrigation system easily.

Choose specialized and automated features like:

  • Smart Wi-Fi-enabled weather tracking controllers
  • On-site weather monitoring
  • Hgih efficiency water-saving nozzles
  • Flow monitoring
  • All commercial-grade components

What If There Is No Outdoor Wi-Fi?

For locations without common outdoor Wi-Fi access, such as Homeowners Associations and large commercial complexes, we've partnered with T-Mobile Business and Teltonika Networks to offer an affordable, commercial-grade Wi-Fi solution that integrates with our smart irrigation controllers.

Seasonal Services & Inspections

From spring start-ups to seasonal inspections and winterization, we've got your irrigation needs covered year-round.

Join our irrigation maintenance program starting at $199 for complete annual sprinkler system maintenance, or combine it with one of our lawn care packages for continual lawn upkeep.

Spring Start-Ups

After the winter thaw but before you need to start watering your lawn, our team performs a detailed check of your irrigation system.

This thorough process involves several key steps to guarantee that your system is in peak condition for efficient water distribution, including a system inspection, controller programming, sprinkler head adjustment, rain sensor testing, and system activation.

Mid-Season Checkup

We offer inspection schedules on a monthly, bi-monthly, or mid-season basis, designed to catch any wear and tear before it leads to bigger issues.

With at least one mid-season checkup, you can ensure optimal performance from your system, leak detection and repairs, weather sensor calibration, and adjustments for superior plant growth.


At the end of the fall season, our team evacuates all water from the main line and inspects the system in case repairs are needed. We also adjust the controller to the winter mode so your sprinklers will stay off throughout the winter.

Backflow Prevention Testing From ASSE-Certified Techs

In alignment with Minnesota State Statutes & Plumbing Code, Ground FX Lawn & Landscape is an ASSE Certified Backflow Prevention Tester.

It’s mandatory for properties with irrigation systems to have their testable backflow devices inspected upon installation and annually at a minimum.

Our team will ensure compliance, handle any necessary repairs or replacements, and manage the submission of testing records to the relevant authorities.

Your Hometown Team of Irrigation Specialists

For more than ten years, our White Bear Lake-based lawn care team has been pioneering in superior yard service and unparalleled customer care, motivated by our core ethic to treat you and your lawn with dignity and to foster a delightful environment for your family.

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