Snow Removal

Reliable Snow Removal Company in White Bear Lake

Tired of the early morning snow shoveling ritual? Ground FX Lawn & Landscape is at your service to take that burden off your shoulders!

We understand the value of your time and the importance of your daily routines. Unlike other snow removal companies, our team is dedicated to our residential customers, ensuring you receive the focused, reliable service you deserve.

  • On time, fast snow removal at any depth
  • Specialized equipment for no lawn damage
  • Professional driveway & sidewalk clearing
Ground FX Fleet of Snow Plows

Full-Service Residential Snow Removal

For more than 10 years, our snow removal crews have distinguished themselves as a trusted source for snow plowing services in the East Metro area. Known for our exceptional service, we are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and efficient snow removal service around.

Unlimited Snow Removal

From November 1st to March 31st, no matter how much it snows, Ground FX has you covered. With our reasonable pricing, you can enjoy a snow-free driveway all winter long without breaking the bank.

Our service is triggered at just 1 inch of snowfall. For storms of 8 inches or more, expect multiple visits to ensure your driveway remains clear.

Our team measures snow levels across multiple areas within our service zone, deploying our tractors whenever an event exceeds the 1-inch mark, and we aim to complete our routes within 12 hours, barring any unforeseen issues.

Efficiency at Its Best

Our snow blowing method is both quick and efficient, capable of handling 10-inch snowfalls just as easily as 1-inch ones. This means less waiting and more time enjoying a clear driveway.

Equipment That Protects

Our tractors are equipped with poly-based blades, ensuring that your beautiful paver driveway or new concrete slab remains unscathed. Unlike traditional methods, our approach minimizes damage to your lawn or landscape, too.

No More Snow Piles

Forget about unsightly snow piles at the end of your driveway. Our snow blowing technique evenly distributes the snow across your lawn, offering a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing result.

Sidewalk Shoveling

For added convenience, we also offer sidewalk shoveling services, with a 36-hour deadline for storms under 8 inches.

Snow Removal Rates

Driveways are priced on the length of the driveway and the width of the garage or the widest point of the driveway. Listed below are the starting prices per the width of your driveway/garage.

Starting rates cover the first 75 feet of the driveway. The sidewalk shoveling rate includes the first 40 feet of the sidewalk.

  • Single car driveway: Starting at one payment of $499 or two payments of $249.50.
  • Double car driveway: Starting at one payment of $549 or two payments of $274.50.
  • Triple care driveway: Starting at one payment of $599 or two payments of $299.50.
  • Sidewalk shoveling: Our shoveling package includes clearing the garage apron and one sidewalk to the front door, starting at $400.

If you already use our lawn care services, you can upgrade to our 12-month package, which includes our snow blowing services. Consult with our team anytime to discuss upgrades or changes to your lawn or snow removal packages.

Your Hometown Team for Snow Removal Services

Delivering immaculately snow-cleared and safe properties is what our White Bear Lake-based company is passionate about. Our team ensures the winter months stay beautiful and hassle-free for all our customers throughout our growing service area.

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