Aeration & Dethatching

Aerating & Dethatching Services in White Bear Lake

Struggling to maintain a soft, welcoming yard? It could be due to a lack of nutrients or an accumulation of dead grass. Keeping your lawn green, lush, and healthy with our specialized aeration and dethatching services is an art and science that our Ground FX team has mastered!

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Our Healthy Lawn Aeration Services

To ensure your lawn comes back each spring fuller and greener than last year, aerate in the early fall with our pros utilizing specialized aeration equipment. This is more than just a fall cleanup but a chance to allow your yard to breathe and make room for healthy growth.

Our team uses a core aeration method that removes plugs of soil two to three inches deep. This technique not only loosens the soil but also promotes the decomposition of the cores when left on the lawn, becoming invisible in two to three weeks and enriching the soil in the process.

Combine our aeration approach with our other lawn care services, like professional lawn mowing or dedicated weed control, and you’ll have the best yard in the neighborhood!

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Aeration is a critical process in maintaining a vibrant lawn. By aerating your lawn, you unlock several crucial benefits:

  • Reduced soil compaction: Aeration alleviates soil density, allowing your grass's roots to expand and grow more vigorously.
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake: The process makes it easier for water and essential nutrients to reach the root system of your grass.
  • Decreased thatch accumulation: Regular aeration helps in minimizing thatch build-up – a common enemy of a healthy lawn.
  • Boosted effectiveness of overseeding: Aeration creates an ideal environment for seeding, encouraging germination and growth.

The Importance of Dethatching

Thatch is a layer of dead grass and debris that forms between the soil surface and live grass.

While a thin layer is normal, excessive thatch (more than 1/2 inch) can significantly impair your lawn's health. It prevents moisture, air, and nutrients from penetrating the soil, leading to weakened grass roots.

Our Dethatching Service

In the spring, our dethatching service revitalizes your lawn by removing this barrier, thus "fluffing" up the grass and eliminating dead grass, especially after the winter season.

After dethatching, we ensure to clean up and haul away all the debris to a compost site, leaving your lawn ready for a fresh start!

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