Fertilizing & Weed Control

White Bear Lake’s Preferred Weed Control Service

At Ground FX Lawn & Landscape, we understand that a lush, healthy lawn is the crown jewel of any home. That's why we offer our Premium Turf Health Plan, designed to foster vibrant growth and maintain the beauty of your lawn throughout the year.

Rest easy knowing our state-certified applicators, who are not only well-trained but thoroughly detail-oriented, are at the helm of your lawn's care!

  • Premium fertilizing & weed control solutions
  • Consistent communication & detailed job progress updates
  • Experienced, respectful lawn care crews

Our Approach to Lawn Treatment

Our approach is holistic, emphasizing the health of your lawn while being mindful of your family and the environment.

We blend granular fertilization with strategic spot and blanket weed control applications to ensure comprehensive coverage and care.

Unlike many competitors, we proactively address trouble spots with spot spraying, even during granular fertilization visits, so you can trust your yard to be as weed-free as possible throughout the seasons!

What's Included in Our Premium Turf Health Plan?

Our Premium Turf Health Plan starts at just $375 for 6 fertilizer applications, or it can be combined with our other lawn care services.

The plan includes four applications of our specially formulated granular fertilizer and two blanket applications of herbicide to all turf areas.

To keep you informed, our team will let you know ahead of time when we’ll be coming, and we will install application posting signs during all visits.

Application Schedule

Please note these are guidelines based on an average growing season. Actual timing may vary due to weather and specific lawn needs.

  1. Early Spring Application: Kickstart your lawn's growth with our specialized lawn food blend, which includes a control treatment for pre-emergent crabgrass, and enjoy a vigorous start to the season.
  2. Late Spring Application: Say goodbye to pesky weeds with our targeted broadleaf herbicide application, ensuring your lawn stays pristine and weed-free throughout the growing season.
  3. Late Spring Application: Maintain your lawn's vibrant color and robust health with another round of our premium lawn food application.
  4. Early Summer Application: Nurture your lawn through the warmer months with our slow-release lawn food, supplemented by precise spot spraying to keep weeds at bay and your lawn looking its best.
  5. Late Summer Application: Combat any persistent or new weed growth with a comprehensive application of our broadleaf herbicide, ensuring a flawless lawn through the season's end.
  6. Early Fall Application: Conclude the year's lawn care regimen with a final application of slow-release fertilizer, providing lasting nourishment for your lawn's health as it prepares for the colder months. Accompanied by spot spraying to maintain its pristine condition, your lawn will thrive well into autumn.

Important Reminders

For your safety, please keep pets and people off the turf until the herbicide applications are dry, typically 1-3 hours post-application.

Should your lawn require additional attention, including extra applications of fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide, we will communicate proactively and bill these services separately.

Elevating your lawn to its highest potential, like so many other East Metro residents, with our lawn treatment plan couldn’t be easier! Our experts are committed to ensuring your lawn not only thrives but becomes a source of pride and joy for your home.

Your Hometown Lawn Weed Control Service

Our dedicated lawn care experts, hailing from White Bear Lake, have consistently raised the bar for industry standards in both yard care and customer experience for over ten years. We are driven by a commitment to honor your trust and transform your lawn into a stunning retreat for you and your loved ones.

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