Spring & Fall Cleanup

Complete Yard Cleanup Service in White Bear Lake

Rejuvenate your lawn and give it the jumpstart it needs for another healthy year with our spring and fall cleanup services. The Ground FX team does the scheduling and hard work for you, so you can reap the benefits of a luxurious backyard!

  • Bi-annual lawn maintenance from respectful crews
  • Over 10 years of experience in quality lawn care
  • Direct communication & regular job updates

Our Seasonal Lawn Cleanup Services

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your yard is pristine, healthy, and ready to grow during the next growing season. We offer comprehensive seasonal cleanup services in spring and fall, designed to recalibrate your lawn and prepare it for the coming months.

Our cleanups are ideal for those with large lawns or who don’t have the time or equipment to thoroughly tackle thatch buildup or landscape blowouts.

Request an estimate for a cleanup today, or sign up for one of our lawn care service packages with seasonal cleanups automatically included!

Spring Lawn Cleanup

Kick off your spring with a fresh, clean yard. Our spring cleanup services begin as soon as the ground is dry enough to bring in our equipment safely.

The process starts with dethatching your lawn, a crucial step to remove thatch, dead grass, and remnants of winter wear, including damage from voles.

Following this, we meticulously blow out all landscaping areas, gathering and removing all debris.

Every last piece of waste is then hauled off-site to the nearest composting facility, leaving your yard looking spotless and ready for the vibrant growth of spring.

Fall Yard Cleanup

As the leaves begin to change, it's time to prepare your lawn for winter. Our fall cleanup services start in the last week of October or as soon as the leaves begin their descent.

We thoroughly blow out all landscaping areas, ensuring every nook and cranny, including around any obstacles in your yard, is clear of leaves and debris.

Our team then collects all debris, trims the turf down to a healthy 2.5 inches, and hauls away the waste to a compost site.

This process not only cleans your yard but also preps it for the colder months ahead, ensuring your lawn returns thicker and healthier in spring.

Your Hometown Lawn Cleanup Experts

Our lawn care aficionados, stationed in White Bear Lake, have been revolutionizing quality in lawn and garden maintenance and client interaction for upwards of ten years, acting on our belief in valuing your trust and sculpting a splendid outdoor haven for your family.

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