6 Essential Lawn Maintenance Tips for Every Season

6 Essential Lawn Maintenance Tips for Every Season

A lush, verdant lawn is often the pride and joy of homeowners—a calling card for a well-kept property and a serene oasis in our bustling lives.

However, achieving and maintaining such a lawn is no small feat, especially when the challenges of Minnesota’s seasonal changes and time constraints weigh down on your green ambitions.

Partnering with a professional lawn maintenance service is the best way to turn that vision into a reality. Here’s how the Ground FX lawn service team can alleviate the stress and ensure your slice of green paradise thrives year-round!


In the vibrancy of spring, your lawn emerges from the dormancy of winter, eager for rejuvenation. Yet, this season's whims can be temperamental, and its rejuvenation can be short-lived without proper care.

Tip 1: Dethatching & Seeding

Dethatching is the process of pulling up and removing dead grass and fluffing up living grass after it has been squished under snow throughout the winter months. By dethatching your lawn, you allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, helping them grow.

Spring is a prime time for dethatching and over-seeding, as your lawn has the best chance of recovery and growth.

Our professional services are equipped with specialized machinery that simplifies this back-breaking process, ensuring each seed has the optimum environment to flourish.


Tip 2: Weed Control

Weeds are the unsightly intruders on your otherwise perfect lawn. Preventing weed growth in spring is crucial, and a professional service will know the precise timing for pre-emergent weed control.

By applying the treatment at the right time, you can stop the weeds before they take root, leaving space for your grass to thrive.


The sun beats down, and your lawn is in full swing. This is the time to enjoy your outdoor haven, but also to provide the vigilant care it needs to stay resilient.

Tip 3: Proper Watering Techniques

Summer's heat can be brutal, and improper watering can lead to drought stress. Plus, watering your lawn with hose sprinklers you set out yourself is often unreliable, oversoaking certain areas while some spots receive no water.

Let certified irrigation specialists install and manage irrigation systems that keep your lawn hydrated without waste.

We can tailor a schedule for your lawn's specific needs, controlling the amount and timing of water delivery to ensure healthy and disease-resistant grass.


Tip 4: Mowing & Trimming Best Practices

Mowing isn't just about cutting grass; it's about maintaining the right height and not removing more than one-third of the blade.

Our professionals are skilled in these arts, optimizing your mow for health and aesthetics—think of those crisp straight ball-park lines on a bright green baseball diamond.

Plus, we manage the clippings, either mulching them back into the lawn for added nutrients or collecting them as needed.


Autumn is the season of change, and your lawn is no exception. It's the most crucial time to prepare your turf for the coming winter and the year ahead.

Tip 5: Fertilization & Aeration

Aeration and seeding in the fall provide a solid foundation for next year's growth. Similar to dethatching, aerating perforates the soil with small holes that alleviate soil density and allow more water and nutrients to seep down to the grass roots.

To help ward off weeds taking root next spring, have our pros analyze your soil and tailor a fertilization plan with the right nutrients in the right amounts.

This smart approach will maximize the effectiveness of your investment, resulting in a resilient and healthy lawn.



The lawn may enter dormancy, but winter lawn maintenance remains important for its long-term health. This is the time to take stock and prepare for the next cycle.

Tip 6: Winter Lawn Prep

At the start of the off-season, it's crucial to prepare your lawn for winter. Clean up debris and safeguard vulnerable plants from the cold.

This could mean taking potted plants inside or trimming down your favorite roses and covering them with a thick layer of mulched grass clippings and a tarp.

Seek our professional guidance for winterizing tasks like protecting irrigation systems and applying anti-desiccants on shrubs and trees.

This proactive approach will help maintain the health and vitality of your lawn through the colder months, so your grass and all your plants come back with vibrancy in the spring!

Get Year-Long Lawn Care From Ground FX

Consistent care across all seasons is the bedrock of a beautiful lawn, and with a professional lawn maintenance service, you get expertise in these essential tasks and more free time to actually enjoy your lawn!

With over a decade of experience in all things lawn recovery, care, and maintenance, our guidance and support help your lawn become a thriving, resilient ecosystem that brings joy throughout the year.

Call or message us today to learn about our seasonal and year-long lawn care packages, customized for your yard’s specific needs!


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