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Ground FX offers commercial & residential clients full-service, one-stop shopping for all their property maintenance needs. We treat your lawn like it was our own backyard. A clean cut, neatly edged lawn shows that you truly care about your home or commercial grounds.  Below is a list of lawn maintenance services we offer. We can put together a property maintenance plan to fit your needs.  You can either be invoiced monthly per service or we can set up a flat even monthly rate to help you with your budgeting.



Our weekly mowing service includes mowing and striping all turf with blades that are sharpened daily. String trimming around all obstacles including trees, landscape edging, signs, sidewalks and curbs. Stick edging of driveway, sidewalks and curbs monthly. Blowing off grass clippings from hard surfaces and landscaping. We also bag the turf during the last two mowings in the fall to give the yard a clean appearance before the final fall cleanup.



Spring cleanups start as soon as the grass is dry enough for lawn equipment to enter the yard. We start off with dethatching your lawn. This process pulls up thatch and dead grass from winter kill or voles. We then blow out the landscaping and collect all debris which are hauled off site to the nearest compost site.


Fall cleanups usually start the last week of October depending on how the leaves are falling. We blow out all of your landscaping and around any obstacles in the yard. We then collect all debris, cut the turf to 2.5" and haul all debris to the nearest compost site.



With Ground FX Lawn & Landscape you can sit back and watch your lawn flourish knowing you have highest quality in care for your lawn. Our state certified applicator is well trained and detail oriented. Our turf health programs are designed with sensitivity towards your family and the environment. There are many different turf health programs to choose from to fit your needs. Our programs include a blend of granular and blanket spraying applications. Unlike many lawn care companies, we spot spray during all of our granular visits.


Dethatching and aerating are very important for your turf's health. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and other debris between the grass leaves and your soil. You shouldn't have more that 1/2 inch of thatch in your lawn. Too much thatch starves the soil and grass roots of air, water, and nutrients. Dethatching also gives your turf a head start by "fluffing" the grass up in the spring and gets rid of any dead grass from winter kill. The photo to the left is an after picture of a yard that was dethatched in the spring. After dethatching is complete we collect the thatch and haul it off to a compost site.

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