Snow Problem!

Sick of waking up earlier just to shovel the snow off your driveway so you can get to work?  All you want to do is get to work and do what you do best.  We are here to help.  Unlike most snow removal companies we have designated equipment and staff to take care of our residential customers.  We have even taken residential snow removal to the next level by offering SNOW BLOWING to White Bear Lake customers.  Don't live in White Bear Lake?  We still have you covered with our residential plowing crew.  You can trust Ground FX to take care of your snow removal needs.

Why Snowblowing?


Snow Blowing is fast and efficitient.  We can remove a 10" snowfall in the same time as a 1" snowfall.


No damage to lawn or landscape.


Say goodbye to large piles at the end of your driveway.  Snowblowing spreads the snow out on the lawn instead of stacking like a plow.


Return service to clean bottom of driveway after city plows have come through. 

Unlimited snow removal from November 1st through April 15th. 

Trigger is set at 1" of snow and muiltiple trips for storms 8" or more.



Single Car Driveway

 One time payment of $349.00


Two payments of $174.50






Double Car Driveway

 One time payment of $399.00


Two payments of $199.50






Triple Car Driveway

 One time payment of $449.00


Two payments of $224.50






Sidewalk Shoveling

Shoveling of front walks

Shoveling garage apron 

Starting at $250.00






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